By Sophie Walser


Philippe & Christine Maurel

Fashion Week Tunis

ZorGui FaouZi Ahmed Kahri Sophie Walser

From 13 To 17 April 2011
Window on the world

Some of the designers we love:

Amine Bendriouich
In rock we trust
Unisex rock 'n' roll

Haythem Bouhamed
The Light
Traditional and modern,precious

Very exencentrique erotic gladiadator feminine
Feminine and glamorous

Sleem Fkih
Revolution of the Arabic World(Monde)
Freedom and evolution

Fred Sathal
The Temple of the soul
Colors, glitter, jewels, paste, luxury, casual, poetic

and many other designers .....

We love Free Tunisia
for ever
Walser & ZorGui
Tunisia & Europe
two countries so close

The fashion week Tunis 2011 is an international event
where designers of all countries
meet to exchange their art and vision of the world

Tunisian young designers are very interesting and creative
They are rushing to the future and
want to live their life !

They are glamorous, traditional and modern !

The new Tunisia with young designers !

Youth is the future for a free Tunisia

Every citizen of the world will discover in Tunisia
love of freedom